New Student!

David White has joined the lab from the Neuroscience Training Program and will be jointly-advised by Baron and Randall Goldsmith from the Department of Chemistry. Welcome David!

New Undergraduate Researcher

Alex Blair joins the lab as an undergraduate researcher! Alex is a sophmore majoring in Biology.

NSMB News & Views from Marcel

Marcel’s commetary “How to open a proton-pore more than S4” has been published in Nature Structural and Molecular Biology

Welcome Hongbo!

Hongbo Chen joins the Chanda lab as a co-advised student with Katherine Henzler-Wildmann. Hongbo will be using NMR to tease apart ion channel structure-function. Welcome!

New Graduate Students!

The Chanda lab is happy to welcome two new graduate students from the Biophysics Graduate Program- John Cowgill and Yihao Jiang!

Lab Outing

The Chanda lab goes laser tagging!!

Welcome Claudia!

Dr. Claudia P. Alvarez-Baron joins the group as a postdoctoral fellow! Welcome!